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Pump Mechanical Seal Installation Method
Date: 2022-01-04

Mechanical seal rotating machinery is one of the most effective way to seal the body itself is relatively high precision machining, especially dynamic and static ring, inappropriate or improper use of the method if disassembly, mechanical seal assembly not only reach after sealing purpose, and will damage the sealing elements assembled.

1. Note the mechanical seal disassembly

When removing the mechanical seal, prohibited the use of hand-hammer and flat shovel, so as not to damage the sealing elements.

If both ends of the pump mechanical seal, then care must be taken during removal to prevent a loss.

Worked for mechanical seals, sealing surface moves the case if the gland is loose, replace the static ring parts, should continue to be used to re-tighten. Because after loose, friction will change the trajectory of the original operation, sealing contact surfaces easily damaged.

A sealing member is bonded dirt or condensate, condensate should be removed after the demolition of the mechanical seal.

2. When the mechanical seal Installation Notes

(1). First install the left part; attached to the seal plate(2). Then install the right that ring, ring with the static ring sealing surface should be clean

(3). refillable flat keys and impeller. Shanghao washer and nut

Before installing the seal assembly to carefully check the adequacy of the number of parts, whether there is damage to the components, especially the dynamic and static ring or without bumps, cracks and distortion and other defects. If you have questions, need to be repaired or replaced with new parts. Check that the hub or gland chamfer is appropriate, do not meet the requirements must be trimmed.

Mechanical seal assembly of the components and their associated contact surfaces must be cleaned before installation with acetone or ethanol. The installation process should be kept clean, especially dynamic and static seal rings and auxiliary components should be free of impurities, dust. Dynamic and static ring coated with a layer of clean oil or turbine oil.

The gland should be carried out after the coupling alignment. Bolts should be tightened evenly to prevent deflection gland section, check the points with a feeler or special tools, the error is not greater than 0.05 mm.

Check the gland and the shaft or sleeve diameter with the gap (and concentricity), must ensure uniformity around, checking with a feeler points tolerance is not greater than 0.10 mm.

Spring compression according to the provisions, does not allow too large or too small, the phenomenon, require error ± 2.00 mm, and may increase the cross-section than the pressure, accelerated wear section. Too small will cause less than the pressure seal and can not play a role in the post-spring loaded spring seat to be mobile and flexible. Pay attention to the spring rotation, the spring rotation axis should be opposite the direction of rotation when using a single spring.

Should be kept flexible and mobile ring after installation, after the ring is pressed against the spring should be able to automatically bounce back.

First static ring seal trap after the stationary ring back, and then into a sealed cover. To protect static ring section, to ensure that the stationary ring and cover the vertical centerline of the section, and the stationary ring on the back of the anti-rotation slot aligned anti-rotation pin, but which must not allow contact with each other.

The installation process must not be allowed to use the tool directly beat sealing element, if necessary beat, beat you must use special tools to prevent damage to the sealing element

When assembling all the seals should be coated with a lubricant such as soap and water, to avoid damage during assembly apron. Between static and dynamic sealing surfaces coated with grease ring to prevent static ring sealing surface in front of the water pump drive wear.

Floating ring assembly, we must be careful not knocked floating ring spring, so as not to affect the floating spring knocked performance floating ring. Floating ring assembly, you can gently press the floating ring, to determine whether there is a good floating performance.

Installation should seal gently to prevent damage to the seals, the installation should be sealed and cleaned cavity.

Mechanical fastening bolts when the gland should be uniform force to prevent damage to the mechanical seal uneven force. For fast-loading mechanical seals assembled in the overall positioning piece must not forget to move the road away from the axis of the radial position is fixed.

Because of the mechanical seal seals the medium is different, the cold and hot water at different temperatures, the sealing medium is corrosive, different chamber pressures, the mechanical seal design will be different, the maintenance process will be different.

Mechanical seal repair process summarize some experience: mechanical seals to assemble, clean Do not forget to check. Look at the two ring after watching shaft crack scars do not leak. Finally, the apron, the pore diameter want to see. Various sizes to be measured, two ring gap should be fine. Clamping force must be checked, a small spring is the key. Bolt force should be uniform, gently put away the habit.